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About Body Blast

Boot camps have gained popularity and been around for many years, but not all boot camps are created equal.  Nothing can be more frustrating than exercising in a local park and being asked to leave by the park ranger because it's a liability.  How about when it rains?  Body Blast eliminates these obstacles by providing both an indoor and outdoor area for training.  Boot camps are also famous for doing all body weight exercises.  This will get you results to a certain extent, but once your body becomes familiar with these exercises, your results will come to a halt.  Body Blast eliminated this obstacle by incorporating high intensity circuit training.  Not only is there a nearly endless list of exercises, but you will get to try out some of the most up to date equipment in the fitness industry.  Boredom will never be an issue.  Boot camps also tend to only focus on the exercise aspect for getting results.  Body Blast knows that maximum results will come from both exercise and a proper diet.  This is where THE BLAST METHOD comes into play.  So, what is THE BLAST METHOD?  It's an innovative nutritional program that is custom designed for your individual goals.  Once you give it a try, you'll understand why THE BLAST METHOD is the LAST method you'll ever use.  Not only does Body Blast offer the exercise and the nutrition components, but we also have our clients do regular goal assessment so we can make sure your results are constantly on track.  Before starting Body Blast, we heavily educated ourselves on boot camps and found the reasons why they are getting such a bad rap in the fitness world.  At Body Blast, those problems have been eliminated and everything has been included in one low monthly rate.  This is the LAST stop to a new you!     
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