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Meet the Staff

Tom MacNeal

President / CEO


Graduate of West Chester University in 2009, Tom studied Health Science, Nutrition, and Psychology.  Throughout his college years, Tom worked as a personal trainer.  His passion grew for a healthy lifestyle and the ability to manipulate the body with a proper diet and exercise program.  Shortly after graduation, as a personal challenge to himself, Tom competed in his first bodybuilding competition where he placed in the top 3.  In 2012, he opened his first company called Fitness2go.  Fitness2go was created for clients who wanted a much more personalized experience to meet there fitness goals.  It was a fitness concierge service that would help it's clients with training, diet, grocery shopping, home gym setup, and anything else fitness related.  You name it, and Fitness2go offered it.  Fitness2go was Tom's first business venture and a success, but he realized that this type of service wasn't for everybody.  Tom wanted to create a business that was capable of providing maximum results for a very affordable cost.  Healthcare costs are becoming a major concern for our country, but a healthy lifestyle can save you thousands in medical expenses down the road.  Tom collaborated with his life-long friend, Phil
Wharton, to start a company called Body Blast Boot Camp.  Body Blast Boot Camp is one of the only fitness programs that gives you every tool you need to achieve your fitness goals.  Tom's future goal is to make a major impact on the fitness world by helping as many people achieve there fitness goals as possible.  

Phil Wharton

Vice President / COO


Phil’s physical activity began at a very young age and when it came to college he was looking for ways to incorporate physical activity into people’s lives. He ended up finding his love in exercise science and realized this is the bridge in connecting others to physical activity. He finished college with a degree in health science and a minor in nutrition. During and shortly after college Phil continued personal training at a small gym. He later left the gym to pursue in home training. During that time period he realized that he wanted to reach more people, so he decided to partner up with Tom in the creation of Body Blast Boot Camp. Phil sees Body Blast as a great opportunity to show America that fitness can be fun and exciting. Phil is certified through AAAI and American Heart Association.

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