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Why is The Blast Method the last method you'll ever use?


In order to help you achieve your results in the shortest period of time, Body Blast has created an innovative weight loss system. How does this system work you ask? We have set up your new diet on a point system. Why does this system work so well? It allows you to choose the foods you want to eat in a given day, so it doesn’t feel like an actual diet.  Just don't go over your daily point allowance! So, what do you have to do? First, you use the point calculator to determine your point allowance for a given day. Next, you use our custom designed nutritional database to find foods that meet your daily point needs. Can’t find a particular food in our nutritional database? Have no fear! We have also included a conversion calculator to instantly calculate the amount of points your food is worth.  Log your points into your online diet log, and send it in upon 100% completion. It’s as easy as that!

Still don't believe how easy The Blast Method is?



Watch this brief tutorial of the 4 simple steps to your fat loss success!!

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