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Goal Assessments

How does Body Blast Boot Camp make sure you reach your goals?


At Body Blast Boot Camp our #1 goal is making sure that our members reach their goals.  Most people fail to achieve their goals because the goal is too vague.  For instance, "I want to lose weight."  This is a great goal, but it's going to be very difficult to achieve if you don't have any idea how many pounds you want to lose.  It's also important to find the real purpose for your goal.  Are you currently lacking self confidence, do you have a health condition, do you just want to be more physically fit, etc...?  We make sure to dial in on the details and the reasons for your goals so we can better assist you with accomplishing them.  Here's how our goal assessments work:


1.  You fill out our goal assessment questionnaire


On your first day at Body Blast Boot Camp you will fill out a questionnaire stating your goals.  A Body Blast Instructor will discuss your goals with you and help you set realistic mini-goals to help you accomplish your ultimate goals.


2.  We take a "BEFORE" picture


A before picture is extremely important for tracking overall progress.  You see yourself in the mirror everyday, so it can sometimes be difficult to see your results.  A "BEFORE" picture allows you to see the changes in your body over an extended period of time and keep your motivated to keep pushing forward. 


3.  Measurements


Your weight on the scale is not the most efficient way to track your progress.  As you exercise, you will naturally start to build muscle.  At the same time as you're losing body fat, you will be gaining muscle as well.  This can lead to having the same readings on the scale, yet appearing a lot leaner.  At Body Blast, we focus on other ways of measuring results.  We do this by using our high tech measuring tools.























At Body Blast Boot Camp, we have two pieces of equipment which we use to track the progress of our members.  The first piece of equipment is the digital tape measure.  With the digital tape measure, we take measurements on areas of the body that tend to carry the most body fat.  This helps us to evaluate where you're losing fat and what areas need more attention.  The digital tape measure is especially accurate because it eliminates human error by giving an automatic digital reading. 


Second, our full body composition scale is very impressive when it comes to tracking progress.  Not only does it measure your weight, but here is a list of the other things it measures:


  • Body Fat Percentage

  • Visceral Fat Level

  • Skeletal Muscle Percentage

  • Resting Metabolism

  • Body Age

  • Body Mass Index


As you can see the full body composition scale goes above and beyond to track your progress.  With the combination of the digital tape measure, the full body composition scale, and the "BEFORE" picture, we now have all of the information we need to help you achieve your results.  So what comes next?


4.  Monthly progress evaluations


Did you think we were finished?  Not even close!  To ensure that our members meet their goals, it's important that we constantly track their progress.  Each month we will review your goals.  Then we will take an "AFTER" picture and your measurements again.  The new picture and measurements will be documented and compared to your previous ones.  This will allow us to make revisions in order to keep your results flowing.  This is why Body Blast Boot Camp is the LAST stop to a new you! 



Digital Tape Measure

Full Body Composition Scale

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