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Our Training Philosophy

Method:  High Intensity Circuit Training


High Intensity Circuit Training is the most beneficial type of training for those trying to lose fat and tone up because it provides the perfect mixture of both cardio and strength training.  Each workout will be designed with stations for specific exercises, and the members will constantly rotate throughout these stations. This will keep the rest time limited, the metabolism revving, and prevent boredom of just the usual squat-pushup-lunge combination that are associated with most boot camps.  Just 20 minutes of circuit training has been proven to burn as many calories as one full hour on an elliptical!  For most of us who don't have numerous hours in a given day or week to exercise, this is the perfect design for maximum results in minimal time.  Unlike most boot camps, our fitness instructors aren't drill sergeants.  Exercising should be an enjoyable experience, so we don't believe in screaming at our members and shouting out orders.  Don't get it confused, we will still kick your butts like no other exercise program you've ever tried before, but we will do it with a smile on our face.  Don't worry, you will be smiling too at the end of each session and when you start fitting into those jeans that have been stored away for years.    

Take a look at some of the equipment you'll be using at Body Blast

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Medicine Balls
Agility Equipment
Free Weights
Resistance Bands
Battle Rope
jump ropes
Power Press
Step 360
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