Go to the Point Calculator and fill out your information. Remember, the more accurate you are with your type of lifestyle, the better your results will be. After your points have been calculated, write this number down. This is your daily point allowance.

Next, locate our nutritional database. Our nutritional database is set up by types of foods and how many points each food is worth. Add foods from the nutritional database that will add up to the total number of points you are given for that day. (TIP: your body will respond better to more meals with smaller portions in a given day. This speeds up the metabolism and turns your body into a fat burning machine. For optimum results, it’s recommended that you eat 4-6 small meals per day).

Can’t find that particular food you’re looking for in our nutritional database? Not a problem! We have a point converter calculator that you can use for such a situation. Just find the grams of protein, fats, and carbohydrates for one serving size on the label, dial those numbers into our calculator, and your food will be instantly converted to points. It’s important that you add some foods that aren’t in the nutritional database because it means you’re eating what you want to eat; therefore it never feels like a diet.

click here

click here

Log your points for each meal in your Blast Method point log. This will keep your information accurate and your results flowing.


click here and (save)

click here and (save)

Upon 100% completion of your point log a link will appear in the bottom left hand corner.  Click on the link and you will be redirected to the form where you will send your point log in.  Please make sure to save the point log to your computer first.  Attach your point log to the form and send it in for Blast points!


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